Connect Emotionally During Sex

Feeling emotionally connected to your partner during sex can elevate the experience to an entirely new level. However, with time, not many couples focus on creating this deeper connection. An emotional connection has different meanings for every individual. But women generally want it established before sex, while men like to create it during physical intimacy. Not only does it enhance the pleasure during sex, but it also makes you feel comfortable trying out new things with your partner, like bedroom board games for married couples, for instance. 

Here are five more tips on connecting emotionally with your partner during sex!

Tip #1- Talk During Intercourse: Emotions often run high during intercourse. Talking about them and letting your partner in on those feelings will elevate your sexual pleasure. It is also an excellent way to connect during sex. Talking naughty will also help enrich the entire experience.

Tip #2- Foreplay and Buildup: Teasing and dropping sexual hints for your partner throughout the day will help build up the mood until you finally do it. You can install the best sex game apps to learn new things about each other and make sex feel more special.

Tip #3- Plan Random Stuff Together: Making time for each other on holidays and weekends is an excellent way to let your partner know they’re still on your mind. Plan outdoor activities or spend time together at home without worrying about work, at least once every two weeks. You can go to romantic candlelight dinners that end with you both playing kinky games for couples. Such activities are an amazing gateway to understanding each other at deeper levels and creating a lasting emotional connection.

Tip #4- Look After Each Other’s Emotional Needs: As adults, bills and responsibilities often wring out the joy from our everyday lives. In such times, becoming your partner’s emotional support and taking care of their emotional needs can help you both connect at a deeper level. Trust-building exercises and other couple games can elevate your connection with each other. Paying them random compliments throughout the week also enriches their feelings toward you.

Tip #5- Maintain Eye Contact: Eyes can speak what words cannot convey. Making eye contact with your partner will help build a sexual connection, strengthening your bond. If you are new to this, trying bedroom games for couples can help you feel comfortable while being intimate.

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