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Adult Couples Game

Want to spice up your sex life? Don’t be shy, download Halos and Sins and discover just how naughty(or nice!) you can be. Intuitive gameplay allows you to pick the path that suits you best and has hundreds of sexy suggestions to raise the temperature and ignite your passion.

Whether you’re looking to sexercise with a partner or rekindle the spark in your relationship, Halos and Sins is the app that makes good times happen.

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Which path will you choose?

Transform into a sizzling succubus or tempt your inner angel with teases, punishments, rewards, and more. Level up on the talent tree to customize your play and unlock even more actions tailored to your tastes.

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How It Works

Gameplay overview

Each game is divided into three rounds: Appetizer, Entree and Dessert, and Awards. Before you start, choose your deck to customize your game. You can take an angelic route if you prefer all pleasure and no punishment, or unleash your wild side and turn up the heat — the choice is yours.

Getting started

In the Appetizer round, sinful suggestions will whet your appetite before you move on to the main event. Play for as long as you like by spinning the Action Wheel to summon up new delights, use Spices to stack the deck, and max your talents to earn Jewels as you master new techniques.

Talent tree

Halos and Sins is the first couples’ game to include a Talent Tree, enabling you to customize your gameplay even further. Choose the Angelic or Succubus path and progress through Fire Levels to unlock additional Spices, Decks, and Jewels. Each new talent you master gives you a new reward or punishment to enjoy.

New content

Still hungry for more? Purchase new decks and rewards to add more variety to your game, or build your own custom deck, filled with all the things you love most.

Top Rated Sex Game for Couples for Android

About Courageous Games

Courageous Games was founded in 2017, and Halos and Sins is our first passion project. With years of Android development experience in the bag, we decided to turn our talents to creating our very first app. Designed to bring couples together and celebrate their romantic connection, Halos and Sins was almost as fun to build as it is to play.

When our players are happy, we’re happy, and what better way to put a smile on your face than by giving you the tools to reinvent your sex life? Whatever route you choose, Halos and Sins always delivers a happy ending.

Our focus is you, so the intuitive gameplay is designed for less hands on the app and more hands on each other. Get to know a new partner in an instant, or turn up the heat on your existing relationship. After you’ve played Halos and Sins once, you’ll never look back.

Get Halos and Sins for FREE!
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