Many couples lose intimacy in their relationship after a few years. And many try to reignite the fire of sexual attraction through various ways that may or may not work. While other options may take time, some mobile applications have just what you need, that too in the form of a fun and sexy couples’ game! Whether you want to know a new person intimately or spice up your existing relationship, mobile apps can be very helpful. 

While most people would say mobile phones and sex do not add up, things have changed. Here are the best sex game apps for couples to spice up their intimate life in 2022-

Game App #1- Halos and Sins: The first app on our list is an entirely new level of sex game app for couples in 2022; Halos and Sins by Courageous Games. Each game is divided into three rounds: Appetizer, Entree and Dessert, and Awards. Halos and Sins allow you to customize the competition by choosing your own deck. If you just want the pleasure, go for the Angelic route, and if you want to turn the wild dial, the choice is entirely yours. 

Game App #2- Dirty Game: Hot Truth or Dare: The classic game of truth and dare can be spiced up with this dirty version. You can choose from innocent and go all the way to X-rated levels. The game helps initiate every action, from foreplay to penetration. Dirty Game: Truth or Dare even lets you choose a group mode perfect for parties, threesomes, and beyond.

Game App #3- Kindu: Another app that will help two people connect intimately, whether in the same room or a long-distance relationship, is Kindu. The idea behind the game is not just to let the other person know what turns you on, but also to ask a difficult question from your partner, all through a complete erotic package including customizable wild cards.

Game App #4- Sex Roulette: If you love trying new things while getting it on, Sex Roulette is your game! The app has all the erotic bases covered, whether you identify as gay, bi, or straight. It has various modes to choose from, like the foreplay-based “Get Me Going” and the much steamier “Unleash.” You can also share your fantasies with each other using “Fantasy to Reality” mode.

Game App #5- Desire: Another daring hit on the list is Desire. You compete with your partner to complete dares and gain points. You can choose from several modes like “Roleplay and Fantasy” and “Dress Code” to sizzle up your relationship.

About Halos And Sins-

Halos and Sins is the first passion project by Courageous Games designed to bring couples together and celebrate their romantic connection. When our players are happy, we’re happy, and what better way to put a smile on your face than by giving you the tools to reinvent your sex life? Whatever route you choose, Halos and Sins always delivers a happy ending. Our focus is you, so the intuitive gameplay is designed for less hands on the app and more hands on each other. Get to know a new partner in an instant, or turn up the heat in your existing relationship. After you’ve played Halos and Sins once, you’ll never look back. Visit our website to download Halos and Sins for free today!