Life can get mundane with you and your partner running the same marathon every day. Add kids to the picture, and the routine becomes even more hectic. However, this does not mean the spark in your relationship should fade away. Everyday hustles might bog you down, and doing something fun yet romantic — like when you just started dating — may seem impossible. But ‘fun’ can be anything. Fortunately, there are many ways, like sexy games to play as a couple, to keep the fire going even after being together for many years.

Here are five tips for keeping the spark alive in the bedroom when you are married!

Tip #1- Trying New Things Together: It is hard to round up the happenings of an entire day or week over a few minutes of dinner. Many couples have brought back the excitement in their relationship by trying new things together. The unique activity can be fresh for both of you, or you can learn something your partner already knows. For instance, you can play naughty games for couples online to learn more things about each other.

Tip #2- Playing Dirty Couple Games: Continuing the theme of trying new things together, you can also enjoy playing kinky games for couples. To add more fun to that, you can even have a double date with some friends if all of you are open to new experiences together. You can also download a naughty adult game to reignite the spark between you and your partner.

Tip #3- Focus on Quality, Not Quantity: When you have been together many years, things may seem tedious, or you may never find time to do stuff with each other. To get over this stalemate, it’s best to choose a few things to do with your partner every weekend or so, and give your all to making those moments fun and memorable! Remember, quality over quantity when it comes to fun times! 

Tip #4- Prioritize Alone Time: Most couples with children cannot find time to themselves. But it is essential to spend some quality time with each other. You can hire a babysitter or ask a friend to take care of the kids while you two can stay out and explore each other past the curfew time.

Tip #5- Surprise Each Other: Everything might’ve been a surprise when you two just started dating, but how can things stay spicy when you have spent significant time with each other? Well, you can drop naughty texts to each other in the middle of the day and try dressing up and role-playing in the sexy hours, for one! Also, try to change up the bedroom time from strictly night to early morning or even mid-afternoon. Surprising them by showing up unexpectedly and a romantic gesture like bringing your partner flowers or a special homemade dinner also goes a long way! 

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