Have you seen ads in your social media that look intriguing?  Wonder what kind of romantic game apps are out there, but don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out what’s right for you?  Search no further, friends.  We’ve got answers.

Adult mobile games fall into a few basic categories:  visual novels, roleplaying/adventure, and couples’ games.

Solo play

Visual novels (VN) are, as you might imagine, a combination of text and pictures with very few cut scenes or other types of gameplay.  You usually have the point of view of the main character and can choose among several characters to romance.  How racy the in-game action is depends on the title, ranging from teen to explicit kink/fetish.  VN titles aren’t just for young het women, other titles have LGBTQ+ love interests or a male protagonist. Romance video games like this usually advance the story with a ticket system where you use a ticket to read the next section, and you receive several tickets per day.  If you’re looking for a low-effort game to play on your own (and give those fantasies a kickstart), visual novels might be right for you.

If you want a more active role, you can try simulation or roleplaying games.  These are still usually single-player titles, but give more cut scenes and let you control more of the action (wink-wink).  These erotic mobile games usually involve quests, puzzles, or other interactions and often lean toward the steamier (and kinky) side.  Graphics quality varies from title to title, but typically your character flirts with, caresses, licks, and has sexy encounters based on your decisions.  However, the best games in these genres are usually only available for your computer (not sexy for playing in bed).

Couples play

If playing with your partner is up your alley, then you have all new options ranging from Kama Sutra position randomizer apps to mobile versions of Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare.  Sex dice roller online apps randomize the foreplay you love (and new kinks you want to try) so you and your lover never know what – or who – will come next.

So, what, pray tell, could be better than that? Clearly, a game that combines elements of all the above!  Halos and Sins gives you a beautiful interface and asks the ultimate question:  Who will you be after dark?  You choose whether to level up the Angelic way or on the path of the sinful Succubus.  The game includes over 250 passionate actions and 7 heat levels to satisfy you no matter what your appetite.  Better than naughty sex dice, Halos and Sins lets you and your partner explore your wild sides.  Use Spices to re-spin the Action Wheel or to torment your partner with a punishment to tease them, bringing them even closer to the edge of ecstasy. Note:  Halos and Sins is designed for couples that crave hot and dirty encounters – it is not for minors or the faint of heart.

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