Take game night with your partner past Monopoly and add some sexy fun while you’re at it.  Kick your game night with your partner up a notch with these romantic sexy games for couples.  Games are ideal for engaging the most important sex organ of all – the brain.  So, the next time your partner suggests a night in, take advantage of the mental foreplay you’ve already achieved through gameplay and banter, then try one of these suggestions to spice things up!

Word Games – Pick your favorite word game and challenge your partner to only use romantic or racy words.  Before the game starts, agree on what happens if you or your partner plays a less-than saucy word.  Maybe that person removes a piece of clothing.  Maybe they need to kiss the other player somewhere that doesn’t always get a lot of love – think the inside of the wrist/elbows, fingertips.  The best romantic couples games don’t need to be complicated – just something that engages your imagination!  Keep it flirty and sensual and when the game’s over, you’ll both be ready for the fun that follows.

Dice Games – There are dozens of dice games on the market designed for adventurous couples.  The ideal game, though, can be one you and your partner make yourselves!  The easiest dice game is to assign a particular act to a number on the dice.  When that number gets rolled, you kiss, bite, and lick each other until the game falls by the wayside.  Talking through your sex dice ideas can also be a great way to bring up any kinks or fantasies you’ve had also while the pressure’s off and both of you are feeling safe.  Include some old favorites (they’re favorites for a reason – am I right

?) and you each want to try.  The roll of the dice will keep both of you guessing and make the new things less intimidating.

Erotic mobile games – Do you love video games?  Try Halos and Sins by Courageous Games available through the Google Play Store.  This free-to-download – sexy game app for couples combines elements of chance with RPG-style talent trees and a leveling-up system.  No other erotic mobile games on the market has attention to detail like this. Nightly Rewards give you and your partner a special surprise every night to keep you eager for more.  Experience and Spark Gems take your play to the next level and whet your appetite with even hotter actions to make sure you and your partner never have a dull night again.  Halos and Sins lets each couple customize the game to their heart’s desire, letting you be as angelic or dark and dirty as you want to be.  The Action Wheel adds that element of chance to each course: appetizer (foreplay), entrée (the main attraction 😉), and dessert (how you want to finish your scene).  Who will you be after dark?  Try this app and find out.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg.  Use these games for couples to light that fire – and have fun!


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